with Firetail Birdwatching Tours

I hope you enjoy this website which I have put together to assist people in finding the diverse birdlife that occurs in this south-east Australian state.
Despite being Australia’s smallest mainland state, Victoria’s bird list stands at over five hundred, with close to four hundred species recorded each year.
This could be one of Australia's best kept secrets, a region where it is possible to visit southern Australia's important habitat types within just a few hours driving.

Whether interested in booking a tour or just researching your next birding trip, I trust that you will find this website useful.

Simon Starr, guide with Firetail Birding Tours. 


Australian Owlet-Nightjar photo Adrian Boyle, Red-capped Robin, Rose Robin, Turquoise Parrot and Diamond Firetail photos Simon Starr, Plains Wanderer and Simon birding by 
the Murray river